Photo by Depth of Feel Photography

Worthy Soles Horse Retirement is a special place. We are a 20-acre private ranch offering active retirement boarding, which overlooks the beautiful Cummings Valley area of Tehachapi, California. 

Our cutting-edge boarding model is commonly termed a “Paddock Paradise.”  Founded in science and the observation of wild herds, this model encourages horses to move on a track system, allowing them to live and move naturally, as in the wild.  It also honors each horse’s need for physical contact with other horses to play and bond after they are acclimated into the herd.  Our track system is built on multiple levels and is more than a mile long.  Food, water and shelter are all strategically positioned throughout the track to encourage freedom of movement over a variety of surfaces (dirt, sand, gravel and rocks).  The herd was recently monitored to be moving/traveling more than 12 miles a day.

While this is the natural milieu horses have depended upon for thousands of years, our environment brings horse retirement and boarding into modern times. In our specialized boarding model, your horse will be on a track devised specifically to mimic the terrain, feeding and social interaction that occurs naturally in the wild. The difference is that your horse will have the daily hands-on care and attention they also require, provided by an on-site owner.  Horses that are nurtured at Worthy Soles will have unlimited access to food, water and shelter and will have safe areas to roll, nap and play.  Although your horse will be part of a herd, each horse is cared for as an individual.

Horses living in this environment build strong hooves, develop greater flexibility and are fulfilled physically, socially and emotionally.  Many horses who arrive here with soundness issues will become sound in this environment.  It is an excellent place for recovery/layup and rehabilitation (please check with us for recovery availability).

The decision about where to retire your equine partner is never easy.  There are many choices and dozens of factors to consider.  If your horse’s safety, health, lifestyle and emotional well-being are a priority, Worthy Soles Horse Retirement might be ideal for you.  Is your horse worthy?

We would love to consider welcoming your horse to our home. Limited spaces available.