I have been “horse crazy” for more than 40 years.  There is just something about horses that has always touched me deeply:  how they look, how they smell, how they act and react.  I began riding at a very young age and eventually became a barn rat that would muck, brush and exercise anyone’s horses just to be around them.  Although I wasn’t able to buy my first horse until adulthood, it has always been and always will be my passion.

My own horse, Bo, put me on a path to finding the best possible horse-keeping methods for the “whole horse” from boarding, to diet, hooves, training, mental wellness, exercise, etc.   Creating a premier boarding facility was a dream of mine for many years.  While juggling a family, working and caring for my own horse, I began to examine the options for the very best in horse care.  Over the years I observed friends and acquaintances struggle with the challenge of how to safely retire their horses–very often with disastrous results. It was painful to see horses dropping weight; lame horses presumed to be pasture pals put back in hard training; horses sold with good intentions only to be resold into poor living situations or being lost track of completely, and unridden horses languishing in stalls. It became my goal to provide owners with a safer option for their treasured companions, and to give horses a comfortable, happy and natural place to thrive in their twilight years.  They’ve earned it.

Every horse owner knows there are thousands of opinions within the horse industry. As I researched old school and new innovative approaches, I was inspired by those who have been in search of doing what is best for those unique, beautiful and sometimes fragile creatures that we are lucky enough to call our equine friends.  These include Joe Camp and his book “Soul of a Horse,” Jaime Jackson’s “Paddock Paradise” and Stephanie Krahl with her “Guiding Principles of Natural Horse Care,” among others.  My goal is to provide the best and healthiest possible environment for horses in my care.

I am a mother to two sons that attend college on the East Coast.  I have a banking and barn management background and worked for Markland Wealth Management for 20 years.

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