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Photos by Depth of Feel Photography


Worthy Soles on Facebook – The most up-to-date photos, stories and videos from our facility

How Horses Heal – An article written by a veterinarian on what horses need to thrive

California Trace Mineral Supplement – Worthy Soles is a California Trace Distributor

Professor Jan Ladewig of Copenhagen University regarding traditional stabling

Paddock Paradise Additional Information

Paddock Paradise – A Different Kind of Boarding

Heart ‘N Sole Hoofcare

Soulful Equine – Natural Concepts That Help Your Horse Thrive

Pete Ramey – Hoof Rehabilitation Specialists

The Soul of A Horse, Joe Camp

Slow Feeders – HayChix – receive 20% off with this code:

Fly Masks:  Fly Mask

We recommend Absorbine Ultrashield EX masks – they last a whole season and they’re easy to see through (both for the horse and us to see any problems going on behind the mask)